Are you watching it??

Is everyone else in the world watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony live right now!!??

It is 12.46 AM here...I had to push record on the DVD, I can't stay up anymore. Looks spectacular though. I guess every country has its own camera people, but what is incredibly frustrating to me is the continual closeups, when it is designed to be seen from the stadium. Of course you need a few closeups to appreciate the costuming etc, but for the love of good ZOOM OUT would ya! We are missing so much.

( I write this because I KNOW that all the people in charge of this get notifications sent to their blackberries when I update my blog...yeah right)
My blog, I'll vent if I want too


Ati. Norway. said...

I didn't see a thing Jo, yet:)
Maybe this evening on the TV. It is 15.00 here now and I think night in China . LOL

coral-seas said...

I was at work during the ceremony, Jo but will watch the highlights on BBC tonight. I've heard it was amazing but that the BBC commentators continual chatter was annoying.

Now Jo, if the powers that be aren't listening to you, who on earth are they listening to?


Susan said...

I only wish! We don't get NBC, and they aren't broadcasting the ceremonies on any of their other channels, though some of the games will be. It's the first one I've missed since I was in my 20s, I think. =(

Mary Corbet said...

Gosh. I knew I was missing something. Is it already that time of summer? Darn!

Diane said...

Yes, I have been watching it, and it's true, too many closeups. I found the same was true watching "So you think you can dance" from the States, the cameras go in too close and you miss a lot of the footwork! Oh was a spectacular opening even so.

Anonymous said...

I was shouting at the tv last night - show me the whole thing!!!

I love to watch the Olympics, and have women's volleyball on right now - USA vs Japan