some shameless self promotion

The latest issue of CQMagOnline is now out. There are some fabulous articles in this issue...and a couple from moi!
First I wrote about a recent Round Robin I was in, and the format that we used. A Little different from the usual. You will find that here.
Next was a last minute tip I thought others might find useful, so I shot it off to Rissa, and she included it. That is here.
Do take the time to browse this wonderful resource, and consider submitting something yourself. Its fun!!


Judy in Indiana said...

I am always inspired by your blog. I'm awarding you the Brilliant Weblog award.
Judy in Indiana

LouAnne said...

Jo: I copied you in your shameless promotion and also linked your blog to mine today. Please feel free to do same if you wish to do so.

Marie Alton said...

Jo ... there is no shame in toot your own horn...pat yerself on the back and let your little light shine! We're clapping for ya! YAY!