a quicky...

Just a quick post today as I fly out the door to deliver my daughter to her grandmother and aunty for a few days! yay!

Here is a pic of the Cross with the beaded edging on. I am wanting a pre-stretched art canvas (ready to hang) for this, but I have not found one the right size yet...
Thought I would throw in a pic of one of my grandmothers wonderful creations. All her quilts are applique, AND hand quilted. I just wouldn't have the patience. This one is just gorgeous. Hundreds of little stuffed grapes, and various flowers all over it.
And finally, this is all the clothes Brooke laid out to take to nanny's...for 2 nights! She is so much like me. I remember going on school camp (for 2 nights) and the teacher had to lift my suitcase on the bus!! What??? I like to be prepared.OK?

I still haven't got the kids to pic numbers yet for the June giveaway...gosh, and its already time for Julys!
Brooke's number - 12
Jon's number - 3
Will get Ben's later.

I forgot to thank Jasminduft from Poppies and Butterflies for her Brilliante Weblog award. Thanks Jasmin! It is nice to know that people read and enjoy.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

What a gorgeous quilt! I can only begin to imagine the amount of hours that went into it.

OzRose said...

Fabulous quilt, your grandmother certainly does beautiful work. Well done to her!!!

alisonmc said...

Ha, that's funny. It's like she's going away for a MONTH.

As for the quilt - all that applique! You must get your stitching talents from your grandmother.

Gerry said...

The cross is lovely, Jo. And the quilt is absolutely beautiful. I have a couple of quilts from grandma and great grandma. The quaility (and love) from those times can't be matched.

I got the biggest chuckle out of your DD's clothes. I think A LOT of us were like that. As I got older I adopted a policy of:

Travel light and carry cash!

Cat said...

What a beautiful cross!!!

Your embroidery on it is wonderful and it all ties together so well!

Smiles, C

Pat Winter said...

Jo, the cross is absolutely gorgeous!!!! You should submit it to the reader's showcase on CQMag. Come on......share it....:-)

The quilt is beautiful.I know exactly where your daughter is coming from, I always over pack. It's just a GIRL thing.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Jo, Your CQ cross is extremely LOVELY. Hugs Judy