what have I been doing....?

Well I was half way thru doing this post yesterday, when I got a call from the school...we have our first broken bone. In fact 2 broken bones. Ulna and radius (forearm bones) , 100% broken, not green stick fracture. 100% broken in a "OMG your arm is so deformed" kinda way!
So 7 hours later, which I thought was actually pretty good for ED, we were back home, thankfully. It was such a bad break they thought they made need to do surgery. He has to take it really easy as the break is "unstable". Luckily sitting in front of the TV is not a huge ask for Ben.
The staff at the kids hospital were great, can't fault then really, my only issue, the cost of parking, and not one offer of a cup of tea!!!

Back to yesterdays post, which was just a quicky really, to let you know I have been busy stitchin.
Here is the second block for Leslie's Breast Cancer quilt. It is not quite done yet.
Next is the current RR block. Leslie's fabulous fans DYB. The other gals started a silkie theme, which I have followed. The little thing that looks like a tree is supposed to be a fan...
Finally, a couple of teaser shots for the giveaway tag . It is finished now. If you want to be in the draw to win it, go comment on the June Giveaway post.

I haven't given you a lot to look at today, so I want you to go and visit Lauri's flickr site and gasp in awe at her 'color study' project. Just fabulous. Go, NOW!!


Cheryl said...

oooh, poor Ben! I went through this with my daughter, and the Xrays of all of the metal they had to put in her arm looked like the brooklyn bridge. The nice thing about having it happen so young is that they heal so much better. I hope you aren't too stresses sweetie,
those doctor visits will give you more stitching time!

alisonmc said...

Oooo, was it seriously deformed? My friend's son broke his arm and it was all deformed and it was so sickening she THREW UP when she first saw it which made her poor boy freak out even more.

I hope Ben isn't in too much pain. Breaks are terrible but I'm sure he'll get plenty of hero worship at school.

Anonymous said...

I hope Ben gets better soon. we have only had greensticks here so far (touch wood) - that was bad enough.

Thelma said...

Ouch that sounds so painful,,wishing Ben a speedy and successful recovery on the broken arm.
Your B/C block is beautiful Jo. Lovely stitching. So is the rr block.

Allison Ann Aller said...

Poor Ben!
Your block is just gorgeous, Jo.

Lauri said...

I am glad your son is ok. We have been really lucky, only 1 broken bone with 5 kids. Doesn't it make your stomach lurch when you getr that call from school?
Thank you so much for your comments on my colorstudy! I am in a drought right now and really trying to push myself to get this done before the county fair. I guess I better get my behind in gear if you are watching me.
Here's hoping there are no more calls from school!

Anonymous said...

Ugh--been there, done that. DS feel off his skate board, and broke the arm right between the wrist pads and the elbow pads--looked like a perfect S curve. Somehow they (and us) survive these things. Crossing my fingers that it knits well w/o surgery.
Lynn, SoCal

corina said...

Oh, I do love your work! I hope Ben will recover soon!

Sharon said...

Ouch for Ben! I hope he feels better soon.
Jo your work is truly amazing just wonderful...

Freda Butler said...

Hi Jo

Poor Ben and poor you. My daughter fell off a swing set when she was 5 in the yard next door and their 2 little girls brought her home. I took one look at this arm with a bone sticking out and fainted. Great Mother, eh?
Next door neighbour was a teacher and off school for the summer so he herded us into the car and to the hospital where it was set and the cast put on. We both survived and by the way no one would even think of offering you a cup of tea over here. Would be nice. I think of a cup of tea as having great powers.
It does for me what a martini does for the hubby.

Hugs to you both