Crafty day

It is the school holidays here. My darling 6 year old found a book...100 things for kids to make!! Well, she wanted to make all of them! She doesn't require much help with most things. She is the most self sufficient, innovative person, let alone 6 year old, I know. If you tell her she can't because there is no glue, she gets tape. If you tell her there's no tape, she cleans out the stapler. When the stapler rans out, she starts tying things together. Once I had a whole lot of 'violence against women' white ribbons. They all had safety pins on them...not for long.

Anyway, she wanted to make the pot holder that was in the book, so I grabbed some felt, helped her cut out shapes, and showed her how to sew. She did a fantastic job. I sewed her squares together, and put them on a backing. She was so cute, checking the book and the instruction all the time. The loop had to be on the right side, and over the top so we could put the button on.
She sewed everything else on her own. Mama's so proud.
My other two had a go to. Jon (3) did pretty well to. Ben did as much as he had to to finish. We are woirking on his stickability.
Below is a collage of "some" of Brookes work today.
and a closeup on her pot holder. I did the square with the person on. Next she wants to make a "pin pad" - pin cushion.
And finally, a postcard for today. The 12yr old boy over the road asked if I would make something for his aunty. It is her birthday this weekend, and they are flying to Oz to surprise her. She, apparently likes sewing things too!! He liked Gerry's block that I was working on and wanted similar colours. He showed an interest, told me I could make "heaps of money off that,eh!" so how could I say no??


corina said...

I got the point that your darling keeps you busy for now, but here is maybe an idea for another time (I want to try it with my little darling:)

Maureen said...

A pot holder to be proud of! and the card is great too - maureen

Gerry said...

Great tales! Your little darling sounds like so much fun (and work). LOL. She did a smashing job with her project, and for her age - WOW!!! Very cool.

Too fun about the post card. What a great memory you helped create!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello My Friend JO, Brooke is very talented young lady just like her MUM. Please tell Brooke I think her Pot Holder is fantastic and keep stitching. vbg Hugs Judy

Candi said...

Jo the kids did great work!!! They take after Mom:)

Thelma said...

I am so impressed,,,what some talented children you have. Tell them they did a fantatistic job.