A few finishes

Dear readers, I feel I have been neglecting you, but life gets so freakin' busy this time of year, AND I have decided to start work on long neglected assessments for my Playcentre (preschool) training.
I have been stitching away on ornies, and the "Cross" project I started earlier in the year. I want to finish that by mid-Jan so I can give it to it's intended owner. Stitching on the stocking ornies, I remembered that I meant to try selling some this year...never mind. Next year maybe.
Here is a postcard, sending this off to my best mate, just to remind her we are coming to visit in 5 weeks!! Can't wait.

So, here are some stockings for friends. These are 6" long. And below, close ups on some snowflakes. I am still working on the whanau's 'heirloom' ornies for this year....(that may be next year too)


Susan said...

What lovely stitching. I like the little stockings, and I do remember you thinking you might make them to sell this year. Maybe make a couple a month in the coming year. =) The postcard friend - is this your friend that moved? How lovely to get to visit!

Ati. Norway. said...

Hi Jo, I like your snowflakes, are you still thinking "snow" with Christmas on the southern part of the world? I thought it is summer now in NZ too, as in AUS.

Sharon said...

Jo you do such lovely work. I hope to stitch as well as you do someday, just beautiful!!!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Those snowflakes are so innovative...just love them.
The black postcard is really cool too.
You rock!