Sharon B's challenge for 2008

If you have been living somewhere without an interent Mars...then you might need me to point you in this direction. More than likely this is just giving you info you already have.
Anywho, Sharon has annoucnced her challenge for 2008. It will be a monthly challenge, and Sharon will give us several options to choose from.
Go here to check out the details.

Ka kite ano


Pam Kellogg said...

Mars? Jo, you had me rolling on the floor today! Too funny!

sharonb said...

Hi Jo thanks for spreading the word - I am not sure about Mars but just last week someone discovered TAST so I appreciate you helping to get the news out

The Carolina Quilter said...

Oh darn, I did sign up for the monthly challenge but found you too late to qualify for one of your gorgeous give-aways! I just joined Bloggers Who Embellish and found you there! And I love your sense of humor.