Comfort Dolls

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I have been remiss in posting pics of the wonderful little works of art I have been receiving for the Comfort Doll Project. I have contacted a shelter here in Auckland, but I think they must want you to work extra hard to give them stuff...I will have to ring again. I have one dozen and with these beauties I have received recently, possibly two.
these lovelies are from my dear friend Leslie. Check out the 'blissful' face on the blue one. Leslie has a knack for faces, and this one is just gorgeous.
The next contribution is from another friend Alison. Alison is a fellow kiwi, and a dab hand with a needle and thread. This is one of the most well constructed dolls I have received, and I love the movement and freedom the doll denotes.
And finally, these dolls from Pam Kellogg. These dolls make me feel the way Oprah does every time she has Sidney Pointier on her show, you know, the presence of greatness. I have long admired Pams work, and kooky as it sounds, there was definately a spiritual connection when I held these dolls. These pictures DO NOT do the dolls justice, they are so sparkly, and whimsical, and elegant, all at the same time.

Check out the Comfort Doll blog. I know Pat is in the process of sending out thankyous to the first 50 contributors- first fifty, there is more than that! I know the online CQ community has contributed to charity projects before, but I don't recall there being a response as big as this one. And although that is 50 people, many of those people have made and donated multiple dolls.
You are all wonderful!


Pam Kellogg said...

Jo, you are so sweet! Your lovely comments brought tears to my eyes!

Big hugs,


Pat Winter said...

Jo, this just blows my mind! Beautiful dolls ladies!!! I updated my website and hopefully got all the names from your first dozen donors. Would you please check? TIA

Charms were mailed out yesterday!!!!

kay susan said...

You are so right Jo! These really are lovely little bits of art.