Warrior Princess at my door

This wonderful contribution to the Comfort Doll Project arrived in my "in"box today. I completely missed Dys blog about her doll, so I was totally surprised to find her there.
I have taken a really crap picture, so PLEASE, go over to Dys blog and read about her Warrior Princess here, and enjoy some great pics. Dy put so much thought and care into her doll, as many of the makers have. You are all special. Thanks Dy.

I am happy to say that I think we are well on our way to our first "Down Under Dozen". Not to pillage any of Pats contributers. I am more than happy to receive dolls from anywhere in the world, and think it would be great for woman to know that this has been a worldwide effort. You all rock, and make me very happy.


Linda said...

She is just beautiful!

Susan said...

What a wonderful doll! I'm going to follow your link over and see what she says about her. Thanks for sharing!

Pat Winter said...

Jo, She is wonderful. Could you email the dolls you have collected and the donors? I need to add them to my website and article info. Thanks so much.Pat

Gerry said...

It's nice of you to do this from your 'side of the world', Jo.

And thanks for the link to Dys blog. She does some neat stuff.