Beaded RR - Leslie's block

I have added my bit to Leslie's block. This is a beaded RR, all work done in beads, challenging but fun, and the the sparkle, OH the sparkle!!!
This block has already been worked on by Lauri. She did a great job of her seams and motif.
Here is the whole block. The camera REALLY DOESN'T pick up the beads and the colour well (sorry, 'flash' pic because I wanted to get one posted)

Next is the work I did. First, the wisteria vine. (The seam under that is Lauri's). The seam running down around the cream and purple is mine, and the two running off it, the feather stitch in gold beads. There are some gorgeous swaroski (??) crystals on these. BLING! And finally the daisies motif.
Close up of the daisies...
and of the wisteria.
I am off on holiday for the week.
Ka kite


Marty52 said...

I love those daisies... so delicate!

Lorenza said...

Beautiful daisies and so lively

Charlene said...

Very lovely work, Jo. I love the Wisteria vines!!

Simona Tedeschi said...

I love the colors of this block and then the daisies....WOW!

Susannes-Segel said...

Your blog is wunderful and I like it so much to visit again and again to see the news.
Greetings from europe

meggie said...

Works of art to die for!!
Enjoy your break!