Summer Breeze DYB - Bonnie's block

Here is the progress on Bonnie's Do Your Block (where I embellish an entire 6" block). This block is testing me as I will be using only threads, and beading. You know me, I usually start with some big and flashy SRE motif on the block. Well Bonnie requested seam treatments, not that she wouldn't like SRE, but I decide to pick this block with a million seams and see what I can do.
Oh, I want my camera back. I will ring tomorrow and see what the story is.


Melissa said...

Wow Jo! You are amazing with seam treatments! I just love what you've done! Everything you do is always amazing!

Susan said...

Looks wonderful so far! I love the chain stitch, and the way you've interwoven the two rows. Looks great all over! I'm interested in how that lighter top corner will look when you finish.

Gerry said...

You have done such a beautiful job with these seam treatments. You always do such creative and fun designs. Simple but elegant!