Summer Breeze DYB- Jakkie's block (edited)

This is ONE of the current round robins I am working on. This is the Do Your Block RR, where I embellish a 6" block. I have three RR on the go. I have 3 RR on the go. No, make that 4, plus other various projects I would LIKE to contribute too. So time management is important here. So, with that being said, I am off the PC and onto the arm chair. That should take care of all of 17 out of 10000 steps! lol
There is alot more to do on this block.
Haere ra.
(edited to add)
I have added in a third shot of Jakkies block. The colours are much truer in this block, especially with the SRE. I guess you can see my obvious problem...the big 'gap' in the top left of the block. Any ideas? It needs to be a 'weighty' embellishment to balance the block.


Melissa said...

Beautiful so far! I just love your seam treatments!!! And your SRE and you beading...can't wait to see how you finish!

Anita said...

Dear Jo!

I am always amazed at your sewing and stitching skills and I am now even more delighted to hold TWO of your glorious pieces of art in my hands! Thanks you so much for your wonderful heart! And what a joy go find as well as gardener's card holder!

I am pleased to let you know that your letter made all the way from New Zealand to Germany and arrived yesterday!

Thank you so much for swapping!

Have a great week-end, Jo!

Best wishes, Anita

BöskeZ said...

This will be a lovely block!
Love your stitching and all embellishments you made so far.
I'll come back later to have a look to your progress on this block.
It's a real eye candy!

Gerry said...

Fabulous needlework! I just love your creative designs.

Melissa said...

Thanks for updating with your progress I love to see in progress photos!