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This is my boy over the weekend when he was sick, and finally succumbed to sleep.
This is a GREAT!! imho pin. I just love it. It actually looks far more elegant than the pic shows. The diamantes are picking up the brown of the background. I am keeping this for my 6th Summer Breeze block, whaen it returns home. This was in a clearnace bin , by the way. It is about 3cm wide by 5 cm long.
And this is the progress on my 6th Tradewinds block. The ribbon I dyed myself. Perfect for this block. I have had a revelation with the DYB's. Because I get one back unembellished, for me to do, I can use all those 'special' things I am saving for that 'perfect' block. Case in point, the pin previously, and the cameo on this block, sent to me in a swap.


Sue in western WA said...

What a cutie! Bet you were glad when he finally conked out ;- )

That pin is gorgeous.

BTW, I love the work you did on Zandra's Halloween block. Halloween is my favorite holiday of all! Someday I'm going to do a H'ween crazy quilt.

Melissa said...

He's so cute!
I love the Pin! I'm going to have to keep it in mind when I do one of your blocks...it's the perfect inspiration piece!
And I love what you are doing on your last block very beautiful!

JK said...

What a beautiful baby boy you have there! I sure hope he is feeling better now.

Gorgeous work on that block hon!!

Susan said...

Children are like cats in that they sleep in impossible positions. He is a darling looking little guy.

I lvoe this block. That "netting" on the bottom reminds me of clothing from times past - maybe it was Edwardian England? Gorgeous SRE bunch.

I love the pin you got in the clearance bin!

MargaretR said...

I hope your lovely little boy is feeling better by now.

Charlene said...

Victorian elegance? Very nice block, and I'd save the pin, too!

Your son is precious. It's so hard for them to give up the battle. Hope he's feeling better.

alisonmc said...

Awwww the dear wee poppet he looks knackered! Totally digging that brooch.

piney cq said...

Ohhhh myyyy! More of your gorgeous work!!! You did an awesome job!!! One question... how did you change the cameo or did it wind up being a different one? Regardless....the block is wonderful!!!
As for kidilinks... sure hope he's feeling better! Poor guy!!! Amazing the positions they can sleep in isn't it! LOL!!!