Well, I can finally announce a new blog on the block! I have been waiting for weeks. I am a co-owner of the Crazy Quilting International group, and myself and the other co-owners have been brainstorming lots of ideas to keep the group fresh and active, resulting in a blog, so that the rest of you in the CQ community get to share in all the great work that the group members do. So often, the RR pics stay within the group albums, and never get to be enjoyed, or to inspire the wider online community. You know, there are actually people out there who don't blog!! I know, but they do great CQ, so we forgive them. LOL
Why did I have to wait? Well, the group didn't know!! We have also started up a monthly newsletter, and the big blog announcement was made today with the publishing of this months newsletter. So please, go and enjoy

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