7 things about me meme

I have been tagged by Sharon B to reveal 7 things about me. What to tell you...

1)I cry at the airport always, whether I know people or not. It's just always so freakin' sad...or happy!!

2)I struggle every day with 'mummyhood'. It is only the fact that they are good looking and intelligent that gets them and me thru the days, and it's apparently socially unacceptable to abandon your children and to return to your no committments, sex, drugs and rock'n' roll lifestyle that you enjoyed(?) prior to children.

3) I have told this before - I have tattoos and mutiple piercings (came with the aforementioned lifestyle)

4) People who knew me in that aforementioned life, find it hard to equate me with the rather responsible, reliable and respectable person that I am now. Maybe those kids are good for something after all.

5) I LOVE reality TV, the trashier the better

6) I am actually quite content with my life. I DO love my kids (just in case there is any doubt) and I have a great partner...just sometimes...you know

7) I knew a friend was pregnant before she knew, I knew it was twins, and I know it is boys, which I can't say out loud, because she desparately wants girls. I know alot of things before they happen.

I am supposed to tag seven more people. If you would like to respond please do so, if not, well I knew you wouldn't anyway (haha)
1) Lauri
2) Anita
3) Alison
4) Dy
5) Sandie
I can only do 5. The online community is quite small and most have already been tagged.
...and Cat. i would like to know seven things about Cat.


meggie said...

I loved this post Jo. Your 'previous lives' are probably what makes you so interesting now!
My daughter has tattoos, & has never regretted getting them. I cried for about a week when I found out! I dont worry about it now, it is her life, & her choice, & she is a good mum too.
And the older I get, the more I have to learn!

Sue in western WA said...

I struggled with "mummyhood" too. Hang in there; grandmotherhood makes it all worthwhile!

Seriously, I had a hard time being a mother of little children. It got easier for me as they got older. I finally received that gift of instant unconditional love when my granddaughter was born. Which is not to imply that I didn't love my children. I was simply overwhelmed by the responsibility that came with them.

katelnorth said...

I can't say I particularly struggle with mummyhood, I enjoy it, but I am very careful to create a space for myself, no matter what. And my kids expect this, because it's always been that way - sometimes mummy gets time and/or space to do her thing and they just have to deal... And although I love my kids dearly and would die to protect them, I won't give up my life for them in that other way that women so often do, until they consume you completely and there's no "you" left. So yeah, once in a while, I know just what you mean! No tattoos though - I kinda wish I'd got one when I was younger and wilder, cause then I'd have it now. I've had various things pierced in my life, though!

Maddie Can Fly said...

I love reality TV also Jo! Here in the States we have a satellite channel that is ALL reality TV -- some really, really trashy stuff there. And I wanted to say the picture of your little boy is precious -- such a beautiful little guy.