Need to blog

I feel like I am neglecting my blog lately. I'm sure I'm not...I think because I have been not had so much stitching time.
Anyway, here are some pics of the blocks I have made for a couple of RRs.
First are the 6" blocks for another Do Your Block RRm- cream, gold and black for this one.

This one is a 12" block for a standard RR. The theme is pink and creme. I have done one seam on the block (not pictured). I will leave the rest for my stitching buddies.
Off to piece up some more credit card holders. One of my mums guilds (yes I said one, I think she belongs to about 17!!) are having a quilt show with merchandising and craft stands. She has offered to put a few out for sale.


meggie said...

Ah! Your industriousness runs in the family!!
More lovely work.
Good luck with your sales.

SMA said...

Good luck with your projects and have a wonderful time in week end. I'm looking for news from you ;) Sma