Art Memes 2006 finished

These puppies are finished AND already sealed up in envelopes ready to post, so no influencing the artist, it's too late. Don't worry E, you're not getting a paisley!!.
For those of you interested, here is how I did the finishing. This idea came to me via Camilles Place, but I have seen it around other places to. It is a very easy and effective way to back and turn with a minimum of fuss.

I have put the peice and the backing right sides together and stitched the whole way round.
Next cut a cross/slit in the backing. Then turn it out, do the corners and iron.

Here it is turned and ironed, fuseable interfacing cut to size.
This is method is normally used for curved appliques. You would not seal the slit as it would be sewn on to something else.

Here the interfacing is ironed on, I have written on these, so it has served two purposes - sealed the slit and given me a white surface to write on.
Maureen C,Virginia, Elizabet, Cathi and Lauri your art memes will be on their way to you soon.
Rissa, my end of the deal is done!!
I actually enjoyed doing these (even though I took forever) I think it would be fun to make it a yearly event, hence the title 'Art Memes 2006'

And finally for today, these are 3" blocks for a swap at CQforNewbies. I know I'm not a newbie anymore, but I enjoy participating with this group, and far more proficient stitchers swapped with me when I started, and I enjoy doing it for others. This idea stemmed from the 1" block swaps that are going on, but our list mommas thought they would be a little small for us. Despite being able to easliy do a heart or a 6"block, I found doing the first of these quite difficult.


Cecilia said...

They are beautiful, but what is art meme?

Lauri said...

Hi Jo

The Art MEMEs are beautiful. I can't wait to receive mine. Thank you so much!

Susan said...

Those blocks are great! I had trouble making the 4.5" ones for the pincushions I did, so I think you did a fab job here - love the colors. They look like a candy bowl.