Finishes and starts

Here are a few things I finished for market day, which was, a resounding....failure! But I am not upset. I think my stuff was priced a bit high for the clientel, and I feel I am already compromising on price. Got some good tips for other possible markets that I might have some sucess at. I have had two sales though, one of my lovely Playcentre ladies (via pics at flickr).
Belinda, who did baking , was sold out by 10.30....well I'm a pretty good baker too.
A small clutch purse
Above and below are two sides to a pouch.

Belinda had suggested that I have something I am working on while we sit there, so I whipped this up last night, did a little on it so it was 'in progress' and this is where it is at as of now. The colour are trure in the first pic. The print is courtesy of Pat Winter.


Stacy said...

Oh girl, don't lose hope! Your stuff is so lovely, and it must be priced well enough to verify that fact!

(my etsy shop has done really poorly too, if it makes you feel any better.) :)

Calidore said...

The right people will buy your things Jo. I'm sorry this market didn't work so well for you, but maybe another one will. Sometimes it just takes time and effort to get the right customers. The bags are lovely Jo - you are very clever.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the market didn't go as well as you hoped!
Bags are lovely as always. The clutch purse is very nice.
Hope you are well. Don't get dispirited.
Thinking of you.x

P.S. Thanks for the advice on my block. Now you've said it i can see it needs balancing.

Susan said...

I love the new piece at the bottom. Just perfect, so far.

I hope you find better markets because your stuff is definitely worth the money.

Shirley Goodwin said...

It's hard to sell quality stuff at markets, Jo - most people in my experience are looking for cheap tat. Don't be discouraged!

Anonymous said...

Your bags are very nice. It's too bad people don't seem to appreciate quality enough to pay for it.

meggie said...

Hi Jo,
Sorry I missed getting an email off to ask where your market was. I have just returned to Oz from Auckland, & one of my regrets was, that I didnt have time to visit any markets. I would have loved to see your work, & would have bought one of your beautiful works of art!

As it happened, I didnt have a Sat or Sunday in Auckland, to spend anywhere, but perhaps if I dream hard enough, I may get another trip over!!

I loved the weather & all the gorgeous green!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi, Jo in NZ,
I have just discovered your blog because a friend of mine gave me the link, thinking I would like your crazy patches. It's right ! Your work is beautiful and especially embroideries. Your blog is now in my favourite links.
I'll come back soon.

(PS: sorry for my english... I'm french)

Have a good day


Maddie Can Fly said...

My show wasn't much better then yours, Jo. Maybe it's just too close to Christmas for people to turn loose of any extra money for themselves. After all, our things are just too good for people to give them away to others (LOL)

Anonymous said...

oh, no no no...Don't be discouraged.
Your bags are amazing, and I know many people would buy them!