Sampler progress

Done a bit more on my sampler. I have downloaded lesson two, but not printed it out as yet. I want to do a bit more on this before I start wanting to do something else. The photos are all in the wrong order, but it's not a tutorial, so lets roll with it!
This is my woven stepped running stitch, but with an extra two rows of running stitch. I love this smocked look, you will have seen it often in my hearts, but I do not do it like this, so next time I will try it like this. Again, I don't know if I will have enough control over spacing to be content with it as a seam treatment.
The next one is the stepped running stitch again, but I stacked the steps, like in the guilloche stitch. I used a metallic thread for weaving . I don't forsee myself using a great deal of metallics in the future, unless anyone has some great tips.

Another knotted stem stitch. I did three wraps for this one, and decided to add a bead, which I don't like, but left it to remind me that I don't like it. I think a smaller bead would look nice, just not this one.
Next is woven herringbone. Perle 5 for the stitch, and a knitting yarn for the weave. I added a detached chain, and I may add more yet.
All these stitches are being explored as border stitches.
Here is the whole piece to date
Another knotted stem stitch, with two wraps. I experimented with the gap between each stitch on this row, and used a thick yarn so that the stitches can be seen.

For my art meme people, GOOD NEWS! I know what I am going to I just have to do it.
It won't be completely CQ, but it will be something that is uniquely (I hope) me.


Susan said...

I like that green row. Did you do the yarn through there after you did the det. chain?

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to get sign ups for my art meme!

Charlene said...

The woven cloth gives your stitching a different feel, doesn't it? It did to me when we were doing that stitch challenge on the HE list. Your eye for measure is better than you think, the stitches are quite nice.

Gerry said...

This is going to be such a nice keepsake for you. You're doing a great job.

Rissa said...

Looking good! :-) My drawn/pulled thread and needlelace sampler has been in the tube since I got back from seminar, but I did get out the needlebook and work on it today. LOL