Joggles progress

Here is what I have managed to do on week twos sampler, which focused on 'points' of interest. Week three is an incredibly interesting lesson. I haven't read it all yet, keep re-reading the first half, just to take it all in.
The sampler is using mostly fly stitch, a few detached chains, some french and bullion knots, and a few beads. I have actually found the the grid of the linen quite distracting this week. I have a fairly good eye for distance and size, but the grid kept putting me off. I did buy some felt, and I'm itching to try that, so I may move on to that.


Susan said...

I love the swirly fly stitch thing. It's very graceful. I wondered if the grid would throw me off, too. I will be interested in what you think when you've tried the felt.

Anonymous said...

Jo, I love this--the focal points are great! It's telling me a little story, but I spare you, here. The swirling fly stitches--I agree with Susan above "very graceful".

kay susan said...

Jo, this is lovely.

When I want to do something like this on linen, I cheat and cover it with a piece of synthetic organza in a similar colour. You can hoop it up together as a 'sandwich' or just stitch a small piece on where you need it. The organza is sheer, so I can still see any marks or guidlines I have made beneath. Then, after I have done the stitching I cut the surplus off as close as I can get. Any threads I can't remove barely notice. The medieval embroiderers used this technique, but they used silk gauze. I do it the cheap way!