Pink'n'Black pouch - markII

When I did the Paisley pouch in these colours, it was very popular, so here is one for market day. It has turned out a little smaller than I would of liked, but is still a good size for your phone, card and keys. I like the wrist strap, it looks a bit naff in the pic, but is easy to wear.
I am working on a blue and gold one.
I don't know if I mentioned that I was doing the market day with my friend Belinda (she bakes), we have also managed to rope in a couple of other Playcentre mums/nanna. Angela does hanging crystals, and Dot does candles and Bath bombs. So for the $15 table hire, we should do alright between us. One stop Xmas shop!!


Susan said...

What a great idea! Where is the market day? Is it weekly? When is your day? Best of luck in clearing the table!

I like the pink and black. It's such a good contrast/combination.

MargaretR said...

I have a feeling these will go like hotcakes. They are the nicest I have seen anywhere. Honest!

Anonymous said...

The bag is just lovely. I have wanted to make a paisley bag, just need to find some fabric. A friend of mine gave me a box of fabric she didn't want any more, it was fleece which I didn't want, so was gifting it on to some one that could use it. Thought I would just take a gander at all the fabric first, in the very bottom was a lovely paisley print, just my kind of colors, have some great cooridinates in my stash for it. A nice big piece as a matter of fact. So, the stitching fairies are smiling down on me.


Anonymous said...

You have been busy! I've been meaning to make ons of these wrist bags but can't get it worked out.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THEM! And I love the pink and black together.... Isn't that a French thing? I think the blue and gold would look wonderful, too. Esp. if it's a dark, rich...royal blue. Brenda M.