Gardening & S.E.X

Here's another weird thing about me. I LOVE gardening books, either useful, like how too's, or botanical encyclopeadias, or just plain old pictures of fancy schmancy gardens....but I HATE gardening, with a passion, my idea of a good day in the garden, is with the round-up, weed whacker and hedge trimmer, it's all about destruction. I have managed to create this one small garden, we're talking tiny here folks, less than a square metre. It's by my back gate. It comprises of an aloe, 3 different kinds of succulents and some mondo grass. It all came about because I saw a picture in one of those fancy schmancy gardening books of a barrel and water pump, but with succulents growing and spilling over the side like water. Well, I think I have done a pretty fine job of recreating that look. The pic is of my can tell its not one of those fancy schmancy book pics cos of the 'junk' in the garage!!

I managed to get some S.E.X in yesterday too. It was the Auckland Quilters Guild 'Christmas' show this weekend, and I went with Mum. I do like to look at the quilts, but I really go for the merchant stalls, and below is what I got. The lace is just gorgeous, and very reasonably priced I thought. The wrapped packets were metre lengths and the most I paid was $8. It is all 'hand painted', and the designs are beautiful. The trouble is when I buy stuff like this , I don't use it.....I might need it one day!!
It was very heartening to see that there were 3 crazies entered this year. They were all lovely, and very interesting to look at. One was based on the piecemaker 'tree' quilt ( you know the one I mean) but with a NZ twist. I don't know alot about those quilts, but the work in this one was lovely. The others were very nice too. I shopped too long to look properly.
I was interested to see that although there was hand seam treatments on them all, an effective look can be created using trims and laces, which is not a bad idea if you want a CQ to weather wear and tear on a bed. Any way , something for me to think about.
My nana won a couple 1st place ribbons again this year. She does the most stunning applique quilts, and her quilt this year was well displayed. I was looking thru a trade table and it caught my eye. I said to mum " hey, that a stunner.....hang on....isn't that..... WOW". Good on you Nana.


scribbit said...

A beautiful arrangement, for hating gardening you sure did a nice job.

alisonmc said...

That is a lace haul to be proud of!

My idea of a good day in the garden is sprawled out on a garden lounger sipping gin and tonics so you're WAY ahead of me!

Susan said...

I love the laces - what wonderful designs!

Anonymous said...

aye yai yai- X-rated Crazy Quilting! SEX stands for stash enhancement! Hope others know that too! =)

Your goodies are beautiful.


Maureen said...

LOVE the laces and trims Jo!
I also like your succulents garden......but honey,where's the pic of nana's quilt???

Jo in NZ said...

I didn't take my camera Maureen. Hopefully mum has taken some.

Anonymous said...

I love your garden spot and your goodies are wonderful!

Cat said...

Beautiful lace assortment and silk ribbons, colors are great!

I looked back though your last few posts, I love the bags you are making. My 2 faves are the autumn colored one and the green tones one.

Nina In Norway said...

Beautiful work. Lovely lace and goodies. Gourgeous hearts. I love it all. I will keep on surfing your blogg. It is nice.