Concertina book

This is what I made this evening. I didn't choose the colours, Janette already had kits made up, which was really cool, and she showed us how to whip these little numbers up. I am very excited. The possibilites are endless for their use. We discussed using them for people to write in at 21sts and weddings (you could match the cover to wedding invite) , You could add kid art, motivational saying, psalms, photos, poetry...whatever floats your boat!! I am going to make on of these for my DYB note book. I will add some extra pages, and I haven't decided if will use Kiwi themed papers, or if I will make a fabric cover of some kind. Watch this space.


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Oh so wonderful, Sharon!
Can't believe I am going to see one :-)

Anonymous said...

That is very very cool!