Blog Flog

This is an unusual blog flog, because the blog is flogging me!! Now, say that fast three times.
I joined a Toplist to promote this blog, and the lady who owns it mentions all new blogs on her blogs. Oh this post is getting a bit repetative. Anyway, she- Linda Walsh- is passionate about dolls and craft blogs, and does alot to promote them, so go check out what she wrote about me, and check her blogs too.


Linda said...

Good morning, Jo. I justed wanted to thank you so much for posting this article and links back to my blogs. That was so nice of you to do. I hope my topsite and links back to you generate losts of exposure for your blog.

Thanks, again.


Maddie Can Fly said...

Jo, thanks for the heads up on Toplist. I've emailed Linda and will be joining also.