Paisley mania (updated)

Here is a wee rundown of of the peeps in the blogland who have been embroidering paisley motifs.
Linda over at Chloes Place added a single colour motif to the mirror quilt she is working on.

Lillian at Crazyseoulsister did a funky little number in blue and green.

Connie at
The Scoop, Score and Deal has done a great motif with beading around the outer edge, and I love the colour in this one.

Tosh at Stitchtreasures has done a lovely motif with some different stitches around the edge for a very effective look.

The fantastically talented Kay Susan at Smockery is in the planning stages of a paisley motif. If you are interested in visual journals, and how some artists track and develop projects, go and follow her progress. I know whatever she comes up with will be a stunner. I think maybe there should be a rule about 'first born' paisleys coming to me....

Janet at From the Other Side of the Fence left a comment. Janet has done some really beautiful paisley motifs. Oh, I'm feeling inspired all over again!

I'm sure there are more of you out there, so drop me a comment and I'll 'flog your blog'...for free even!

On a different note, I have had over 1500 visitors in the last 7 days . WOW! When I started this blog I would of been happy to get that in a year. I know most of these don't return, but I have gone from between 4-10 return visits, to up to 40 in a day.
Thanks guys. Drop comment and say hi , I would like to get to know those of you who stop by.


Stacy said...

I stop by with every new post.... :)

Tosh said...

Hi Jo,

I also drop by and lurk. Thought you might like to see my attempt at a Paisley motif:

I enjoy reading your blog, great stuff.

-Tosh. (The lurker).

Susan said...

I have plans. Does that count? =)

Janet said...

Hi Jo,

I love your blog, and the origami bag is gorgeous! After reading and seeing pics of your paisleys and the others you've inspired, I put up a few pics of mine on my blog,