I have updated my sidebar links to include new regular reads. Go check them out. The last 11 or 12. Some great talent here.

Thanks for the comments on my spider web roses. I have decided the key to a good spider web rose is to use the polyester ribbon. It is thick and shiny and gives the rose good body. It is difficult to get the needle thru first and last, but the rest is just weaving. I also used to pull mine tighter than I do now, thinking that more weaves = a better rose, but I think loose gives the petals more defintion. I love these roses and put them on everything. They are easy, (honestly ktj!! they are).


Elizabet said...

So do you use the regular polyester satin ribbon for your roses? Coz if you do then I can afford to experiment!

Anonymous said...

Those bronze roses you posted a few days ago are polyester? I am trippin'! Can hardly believe it! The shine is wonderful! I've got to try poly now.