Tayla's surprise

I recently made a heart for a friend in Aussie. This friend turned 8 while I was making the heart, so I thought I should make something special for the heart to go in. I couldn't post piccies before now, cos Tayla might of seen it, but it arrived today... So here is Secret Squirrel project number two.
Click on the pics and you will get a BIG one.


Maureen said...

Oh Jo!
I bet Tayla was RAPT with her bag!
Very girlie and sweet!

Naturegirl said...

You are so talented and creative! How intricate the details are!! In a past post I love the little lattice fence with roses impression!! You make roses
look so real!!

Jo in NZ said...

Hi Naturegirl and welcome.
I didn't make the flowers on this piece, but I have made them on the other piece you mention.

Dana said...

I love this little purse, it is to cute.