Pathfinder Progress

Here is a progress piccie. I'm worried about all those colours, and then even more colours when embellishing. I'm not sure about the large 'roses' on the trellis down the bottom ( not an original idea, if its yours, leave a comment and claim credit), they may end up being to heavy for the block. I did start with smaller ribbon, but they looked to small. I will wait and see how the rest pans out. I have done quite a bit more since this piccie. Most of the foundation seam treatments are done, now for more thread, beads, and SRE.
I am bothered by the centre piece , and the piece with the black trim, they are the same fabbie. I guess I pieced one upside down or something, they look completely different.

I did a days work today, at Playcentre, which is no different to what I do any other day, except today I got paid. YAY!!! One of our centres was hosting a teen mothers group for a day of 'play' with their kids, and the coordinator asked if I would come and assist with supervision and role modelling It went really well. 99% of the mums were really responsive, and totally into it. We focussed on messy play, which is a huge ask for any first time parent at Playcentre, let alone teen mums. They all seemed to have a great time, the kids loved the activities, and my two were particulary well behaved.
Well back too it. Have to check soccer schedules. Judging by the thunder I just heard, I don't think we will be playing tomorrow. I am usually busy on Saturdays with Playcentre training, or professional developement for me, and whenever I get a free Saturday, soccer is cancelled..great...

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