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This is my needlecase for the CQforNewbies swap. I really like this. I like the colours, I like the stitching. If I thought I had enough time I would make another one and keep this one. But I have lots of things on, and lots of things I would like to do, so this will be the one I send. I hope the recipient loves it as much as I do.
I need to sew it up. We are not required to put pages is it, so I thought I might put some quilt batting in the bottom/back, so there is a bit of padding for the needles to go into. Any suggestions would be great.

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Cat said...

Making a needle caddy is on my list of to-do's! I keep felt patches lying around full off needles with dangling threads and ribbons...get's a little messy.
I love these colors and stitches.