New CQ

Hi all. Been away for the Easter break so there is a fair bit to catch up on. This is what I worked on over the weekend. I am just stitching on this, no other embellishments, and I am enjoying it immensley. I plan on this becoming a wee wallhanging for a friends newly decorated lounge... but it would also make a fabulous bag. I have taken a leaf (haha) from GULHiS work, with her sprays of leaves. I think they are just beautiful, and I have perfected the art. I NEED some more fabric so roll on pay day ( which doesn't come very often for me) This piece looks so much better in real life.


katiejayinpa said...

Very nice. Love these colors. I too am a fan of Ghulis' work...amazing stuff isnpt it! I am curious abou tthe leaf sprays that you are doing..i can;t get a close enough look either on her page or your photo to the leaf silk ribbon? They are wonderful whatever they are done with.

On another note, your whole page is so well must know a lot about html cause you sure have got it organized!

Jo in NZ said...

Katie , the leaves ( mine) are done in button hole stitch. I found it hard to get a good look at Gulhis, but I'm pretty sure that is how they are done.I just vary the length to get a good shape.
I will try and get a close up piccie.

Maureen said...

I remember this one Jo! Like katie I like the sprays of leaves