First RR

Well, I am embarking on my first round robin with the crew from CQCrazy. It's been quite a drama so far. The piccies are of my second effort. This is a small size, which I found hard to piece, and, I decided I wanted a curve in it, and not just any curve, a fan. Which is all good, that part was no problem with Maureens easy peasy curve instructions, but I do think the lucky embellishers may get a little frustrated, there is a few layers of fabbie around the fan. But you know when you have your heart set on something....
This is going to be a needlebook, this is the front

and the back.

I haven't done much stitching in the last couple of weeks, hence the reason why no posts.
I will be busy the next few days with tiding my garage and sleepout as my SIL has gifted me a business! I know. This is thousands of dollars of stuff, and hopefully I will be able to make some money from home. She hasn't done much with it for a few years
, but when she was, she did quite well. I won't be throwing myself into this full time just yet, but I will potter, and maybe build a bit of a client base. The great thing is that I don't have to spend a cent on stash, probably ever again, this business involves alot of lace, ribbon and trims. Whoohoo.

Off to make room....


Calidore said...

A new business - well done. Sounds fantastic. Details please when you have time.

Maureen said...

Looking good Jo!
Dont forget before you send it out on its travels to mark which is the Top,Front ,back,in case anyone tackles it upside down.

And do tell more about your new business!

Holly said...

Oh my gosh how exciting!!!! Gifting a biz is so kind and generous and wow - how right up your alley! FUN! Are you gonna struggle with what to keep (ha - I always want some of everything - classic hoarder you know!!). Beautiful work you're doing. YAY!