...bear block...

Todays progress. The flowers/foliage under the tree has turned out just how I wanted it to.
I still have greenery to add to the bead cluster, and of course, the bears! I just remembered I was going to do this as a heart. Never mind, I got carried away with my creativity, and I'm not sure how many of the CoH girls thought that was a good idea...to do like a group thing from us...
I had trouble with the sky, but I think it's turned out ok. I wanted seam treatments, but also the feel of clouds. The light blue to the right of the hill looks a bit wrong, but it is too far into the process to do a dang thing about it now. It looks like it should be green, a continuation of the hill. Any ideas to make it look more sky like?

I think I'll go to see the principal of Ben's potential school tomorrow, and there is also a teacher at his current school who I like and trust. I will ask her what she sees as the longterm effects (positive or negative) of Ben staying where he is. I think she will be honest with me.
It's stressing me out. With that and 'that' time of the month, I am not a happy camper!

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