heart 'ala Sharon' progress

A progress pic of my encrusted heart. I am finding that this heart isn't too different from my usual style ( yet), I've just spent far more time thinking about it and planning it. I am looking for places to put extra stitches beads and buttons, and I'm still struggling with not finishing the seam. Probably wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't for you guys, but I post a pic and worry that you're gonna think "what the heck is she thinking?" SharonB has just finished a block, her progress she documented on her blog. I liked the second pic, but when she posted the finished block, it was WOW, all the little extras make such a difference. So, I will persevere with the no beads/buttons for a while longer.

Computer seems OK. Tech support tried all these fancy things, then finally rebuilt the connection and, so far, so good. Whee-uuww!

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Calidore said...

Hey that's looking good. I with you, not finishing a seam is really hard, but I think in the end worth it. Makes you come up with all sorts of options while you are stitching other parts. I just have to remember to take notes of the "options" so I don't forget them...lol.