Heart #23

Heart #23 is up and posted, just awaiting a decision from Maureen about which one she wishes to claim for her very own.
Go and check out Pat's new sewing room. NICE. Look at all her threads and goodies stored all colour coded and in order. My stash storage consists of 2 baskets, 1 calico bag, and 2 supermarket bags! oh, and a plastic gift bag... boo hoo hoo


Iris said...

Isn't all of Pat's storage space wonderful? I have plastic tubs that I can't see through and scrapbags...and a card table for a work space.

Maureen said...

and like you both I dream on!
My cutting out table is a door resting on (extendable) carpenter's saw horses,as this way I can cut at a height that suits my back.
Jo I hope #23 heart has my name on it! >^^<