Fell off the wagon

I caved. Sorry. I HAD to start adding the beads and buttons. I had to, I say!!
I have decided that this heart will be the healing heart I send for Maureen's friend Jan. It will be mounted on a 6" block. Jan's husband is unwell and her home was left in a bit of a mess after hurricane Larry. In the online groups I belong to, which are numerous, though I lurk in most of them, there is always someone organising something like this for someone in need, and there is never any shortage of offers to contribute. I think it is amazing that people from all over the world are willing to do things for people they have never met, and probably never will.
I am also going to attempt a block to add to CQmagonline's charity quilt for this year. The theme is teddy bears, and it is for juvenile diabetes. So, I'm busy, busy, busy.....must get on.

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Maddie Can Fly said...

The block is beautiful. Thank you for your comment on Maddie Can Fly. I am one of your 7 readers - LOL. And thanks for the heads up on the word verification -- didn't know that part.

Lesa (Maddie is the cat)