An 'encrusted' heart

Well, I am attempting a heart "SharonB" style. Now, I have not done Sharon's Joggles class, this is just from what I have picked up from the blogs of some of the class members. I have taken a black and white scan, and planned the 'block'. It will have three focal points, and I have tried to create seams that either move the eye on to the next 'stop', or seams that are quieter and are just there. I am also trying to put down the foundation of the stitches, but not actually finish them. It's best to leave beads and buttons until last, then they don't catch your threads. This is really hard!! I like to pick a seam and finish it. But I can see that it has it's merits.
I am also learning alot from just looking at others blocks as they progress, and am starting to understand Sharon's CQing and how she achieves it. Karen added a few extra buttons to a cluster, and it made such a difference. Looking at the before and after pics, without the extra, the eye stopped dead at the convergence of three fabrics, and there was nothing to look at. the buttons covered the seam, and my eye was able to linger happily for a while, then travel on.
I am finding the heart, although small, is quite a challenge, when I actually stop to think about it, I can't imagine doing this with a whole block! You go girls.

So, how do you think I'm going??

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