A Valentine Heart #17

Here is a heart for Valentines day, which we do not really acknowledge in this house, much beyond "luv ya babe", which I'm completely ok with cos its all commercialised crap anyway. But anywho, a lovely red and pink heart for all you valentines. The colours are a little off, but it is a pretty heart.

Thanks all for the positive comments on the photo. I'm still not comfortable with it, especially when it turns up on EVERYONES blog. Maybe I'll leave the photo, but no comments! We're gonna have to reach some kind of compromise.


Calidore said...

Love the heart and yes I have thought about joining chain of hearts, but am worried about the committment time. You know me, too much to do, to little time. Maybe after I have finished Sharons' classes. Is that bullion stitch on the fly stitch on the left hand side? Does that make sense??? Goodness getting confused myself now.

PS I like it that your photo turns up on comments as well.

Calidore said...

PS Are those lazy daisy flowers at the top or are they lace??

Jo in NZ said...

Yes they are bullion on the fly stitch. The daisies are pre made lace thingys. They were $1 a bag for about 25. I'll mail you some if you like.Just PM me your addy. got bows too.
The chain of hearts group is as much pressure as you want it to be. You only ask for a swap when you have something to swap, but I think you should finish Sharons class first, then I'll expect some stellar hearts.

Calidore said...

Ohh thanks Jo. I'll return the favour and send you something from my stash. Anything you need in particular??

calidore_home at yahoo.com.au


who thinks you are brave having tatoos an that many peicings. One set of hold in the ears was more than enough for this scardy cat.