Three more hearts

Here's what I've been doing over the weekend. I'm lucky to have a great guy like Rob who indulges my passions and looks after the kids, while I indulge myself!
This is my favourite one. I love the colours. It is a very serene heart.

This one I pushed the boundries and worked with 'that' colour I don't like. I guess it turned out ok, I just don't like the yellow. But, someone will love the yellow and give it a new home. What a great world we live in. Tried a new kind of ribbon flower on this one ( the blue) and They turned out really well.

This one I love the colours, but the bronze ribbon is quite wide, and I feel that the whole heart looks a bit top heavy, but if I do much more I think I will totally fec it up.

Ben has had 4 days at school, and has turned into the most revolting child. He finds it hard to make new friends and he is the only one from his class to move up this year ( just the way the work it with birthdays) so, he doesn't know anyone in his class. I know he is anxious about it. He's not sleeping well, when he finally does fall asleep, he's so tired that he's wetting the bed, and he wants me to walk him to school every day. It will take him at least this term to feel comfortable in his class, meanwhile I've got a child whose insecurities and frustration are being taken out on us at home.
Last year he was moved 2 weeks after he started school. I expressed my hesitation at this move at the time. It did have advantages, but I think now I should of insisted that he stay where he was. Most of the children from that first class moved up this year, and at least he would of had some kids he had relationships with.
Oh well, hindsight is a great thing. Good to know now, but it won't be an issue for Brooke and Jon because their Bdays are after 31 March, so they will be in the same class for 2 years. They also have completely different personalities, and I don't think anything like this will bother them.


Calidore said...

Poor Ben. It is so hard for the little ones at school at times. I thought James had settled in well. He is happy and confident then all of a sudden he wanted me to walk him into class. His teacher says he is fine, but I still worry. And he is wetting the bed. Ahhhhh Then to top it off Elise got pushed down a flight of stairs on Friday, scraping her knee and hitting her head. She is fine, but it shook her up. Why do we send them off into the world. Are they ready, for that matter, are we?? I hope Ben settles down soon and finds his niche. Thinking of you both.



MargaretR said...

Hi JO.
I love your hearts, they just get better and better.
Regarding poor Ben. It's a stupid way of moving children up, I think, especially if only one child is involved. That's not going to make much difference to the size of the class. You will find the teachers quite sympathetic if you went to have a word with them and explain how upset he is.
Some can take it in their stride, other more sensitive ones can't.

Chloe said...

Ooooh - I can see you. :) Looks nice - sure beats the photo of my feet!

Maureen said...

The hearts are gorgeous Jo! My favourite is the middle one,(hint! hint!)but as yet I haven't finished other committments so I have no to offer .
I hope Ben settles as it makes for trying times for him and mum;but DO go and talk it over with his teacher.

Jo in NZ said...

Maureen, you will have to get hearting. Ren liked that one too, go figure?? I'll make you whatever you like when you are ready. STOP signing up to other groups!!

abeautifulcraft said...

Hi Jo, your photo is great! Poor Ben, give him time and least he's playing up at home and not at school. Children either do it one way or the other. When my son Aaron went through changes at school, he reacted really badly to them, I had no idea, as it was all at school and not at home. Just keep re-assuring Ben that all will be well and maybe invite a 'friend' he likes to come visit at home, to help encourage friendships. Being a child in school these days, is not as easy as we once had it .... and the school system is always changing!
Hope all goes well ...

abeautifulcraft said...

P.S ... forgot to say .. I think ALL your hearts are gorgeous!