More mail calls

It's like booty call. I must be a complete 'heart hag'. Maureen B's heart arrived in todays mail. It is just beautiful. It is all 'brazillian' embroidery, so delicate. She also sent some beads and fancy threads. The ladies on this group are so generous, above and beyond what is expected. In fact everyone I have come across is. *Waving* to M 2 and Calidore.


Maureen said...

Flattery will get you anything :-)
Jo I put a disclaimer about that link to "taking stones for granite"
More senior moments trying to cope with linking!

Iris said...

You are so lucky Jo...the flowers on this heart are gorgeous! I agree the ladies are very generous and it makes the hearts even more special.

Calidore said...

Waving back at you dear :-)

What are you going to do with all the hearts? For some reason I thought they would be finsihed before a person received them - don't know why I thought that. Must be a senior
(ducking as Maureen throws something at me..vbg)
Will have to have a chat with you about Chain of Hearts some time. Lessons arrived this morning in my email, so off to read and play with fabric

from a nervous stitcher who still doesn't know what colours she wants her block for class to be in - sigh

Jo in NZ said...

Catherine, I think the idea is that you can do what you like with them. I intend to do some kind of wallhanging. I know Linda (Chloe) has backed them and hung one under the other as a decorative piece.
I am so envious of you ladies doing Sharons course. I maybe could of done it, but I REALLY want to go see Stevie Nicks in concert...and she ain't getting any younger.May be my only chance!

Calidore said...

Hmmm I reckon I would make them into a wall hanging too. Sew them onto a backing of some kind, then quilt around them. But no I will not start thinking along those lines, I will finish this course first and the ufo's that have come to light in my sewing