Broken G-string makes good heart bling!

Hearts from Julia and Florence arrived today. They are both beautiful. I will post pics later.
My two oldest darlings went to their aunties for the weekend, so Jon and I had plenty of time for sewing, and this is what we did.
Heart #9 I have tried out'dimensional' embroidery. Drizzle stitch, cast-on stitch, cup stitch, and bullion stitch. The dimante things in the centre of the flowers were curtesy of my 18 year olds G-string. She turned up at the bach on Saturday night.
"Jo, I've got a problem" "OK, well tell me about it" she turns around, drops her already low riding trou and says " my G has snapped!"
I tied it together with a piece of yarn, snagged the dimantes for a recycled life, and sent her on her way.

The above is a close up of 'drizzle stitch'. The instructions I used for this stitch were from Sharon Bs stitch dictionary. Good tool. Nice and easy to follow, and good pics.
This is heart #10. I have used a beautiful bronze ribbon for the SRE, beads and only one colour of thread. I like it.
Linda over at Chloes Place was having a little competition to see who could guess how she was going to embellish the centre of a block she is doing for breast cancer fundraising project.
And, well, I got the closest guess. YAY!!! I know that there is some tatting in the 'squishy' I will be receiving, and I am very excited to have the chance to see the real thing.
Off to feed starving children...c u l8a


abeautifulcraft said...

Hi Jo, Had to chuckle over your g'string and recyled diamontes and I must say your heart looks wonderful. A child free weekend, lucky you! All that embroidery, must have taken all weekend!

MargaretR said...

I love your heart Jo. Congrats on being the one to guess correctly. I love Linda's tatting and wish I could do it.

Calidore said...

Love the hearts and the story behind the G-string recycling. Your drizzle stitch "bits" look fantastic. I tried drizzle stitch to Saturday (my instructions came from the cqmag online) and they were easier than I thought. Congratus on guessing Linda's competition too.