bits and pieces of me

Well, the secrets out. I am a crazy quilting, embroidering, crafty girl who has mutilated her body in several ways.
The nose stud came first, when I was about 23. I also have eight holes in my ears - this is where the mutilation part comes in - most were done with a bottle of gimlet and a safety pin when I was a STUPID teen. Man, they hurt. Enough holes for you to wear all your new earrings at once SharonB!!
Then came the the pisces tattoo. Got that when I was 24. It's nice to see it actually, as I don't spend alot of time trying to look at my lower back, FYI, it is really hard trying to take a decent piccie of your own back.
The last tattoo is on my inner ankle. It is a celtic knot, with the birth signs of my kids around the outside, and Robs and mine in the middle. Both were designed by me.
I love body art and piercing, and it is only my 'not fit for public display' figure that keeps me from further embellishing myself. On a forum I visit a quilter had blanket stitch done on patches down her arm. You could take this one step further and put studs where beads would be. Come on your art!!! haha


MargaretR said...

No wonder we like the same things Jo. I'm a Pisces too.
I don't have tatoos yet(s)just one hole in each ear.

Sharkeysday said...

well there you go! I'm a crazy quilter and have a tatoo too! I actually think embellishers embellish whatever they can...don't you?

Charlene said...

Oh, so that's it? - "embellishers embellish whatever they can" Never thought of it that way! I'd love to have more, too, but talk about body being out of shape... you're a model compared to me! Go for it. The ones you have are great. Did the same person do them both? The only piercings I have are five holes in one ear and three in the other. I don't have my tats (5) posted anywhere, but I'll share the link with you when I do if you'd like to see. Broken heart, angel, peace with chameleon and mind/body/spirit kanji symbol, sun/moon, and phoenix (had a rose and a spider removed from YEARS ago).