Home...and "I've got mail"

Came home yesterday, yes, yes, I know, and I waited THIS long to post. Calm down, I'm here now ( man, I think alot of myself-someone has too). The weather turned c.r.a.p!! and we all had a bug. Trust me , 1 small bach a only communal laundry facilities = fun fun fun. But, it's all good now, and I am pleased to be home.
When I got home, I had 2 packages waiting for me. My first heart swaps. The red one is from Susie in UK, and the pink one is from Sandie in Oz. It is really nice to receive these little treasures. I'm on my 5th swap now, so I should have some more arriving soon.

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momwith3kids said...

I love getting goodies in the mail. Those little goodies are gorgeous. So are all of your hearts. Pretty soon your house will be covered with hearts, just in time for valentines.