Holiday Snaps

Some more photos. The middle one is of my "special" girl (her special-ness is frequently commented on). These goggles did not leave her face for TWO days. They would still be there now if the rubber ties had not disintergrated beyond being able to be tied together AGAIN! She's about to embark on a sack race ( in case you were wondering, the goggles are bad enough, I wanted to assure you that she doesn't jump around in a sack all day as well!) You've gotta love her, otherwise....

The other 2 piccies are of my boys (Brooke was have a nanna day) at a water feature in Orewa. The water spouts go on and off intermittantly, and Jon just loved it. We stayed here for quite a while, had Maccas for lunch, and a lot of fun.

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