My 5 yr old son 'graduated' from the HIPPY programme this evening. HIPPY stands for Home Interaction with Parents and Preschool Youngsters. It is a 2 year programme which the parent implements, that teaches children concepts and skills that will benefit them when they get to school, and thru life, hopefully. We live in a low socio-economic area, and alot of money is put into initiatives which encourage parents to become interested and involved in their childrens education.
I am so proud of Ben, and he is rightly proud of himself. We had to work quite hard over the last few weeks to complete in time for graduation, and it was a bit of a struggle, but he has definately come out with a sense of satisfaction and achievement from graduating. As you can see, they do the whole cap and gown thing, official photos , the lot!
If there is one thing I hope to achieve for my children , it is to foster a love of learning. I think I'm getting there with Ben.



Chloe said...

Go Ben!


Congratulations from Australia

Dana said...

Congrats Ben, keep working hard!!!!!!!

Maureen said...

Onya Ben!
I bet you and your mum will treasure the photo;Good luck for school next year...but ENJOY the Christmas holidays!

Maureen in Queensland