Christmas Offerings

This is what I have been doing today...BAKING! I love food. We have a very close relationship, me and food. You will also notice that they are all sweet, sugary, choclatey, caramely, fudgie type foods. I have to tell you I work DAMN hard to maintain my figure. Luckily, it appears that the more I eat, the 'curvier' I get.
Just to set you straight, these are not all for me...*sob*....Some will go to neighbours and friends, and the rest is to fill the baking tins for while we are at the bach. Christmas holidays work well for me, in the diet department, that is. Because we all (9) of us stay in a small, 1 bdrm place, and we are all together most of the time, my eating habits improve greatly. I also excercise more. It just doesn't occur to me to drive anywhere while at Waiwera! I drive to the dairy at home, and that is only half the distance of the one up there. I guess it won't do me any harm (!). I will have to come home for a rest though, and to refuel.
Couple more batches of biccies to go, and everyone should be happy and have their personal tastes catered for.

We had Poppas funeral yesterday. It was a nice enough affair, and it was good to see the extended family. It seems to be that we only get together at funerals these days.

Gearing up for xmas. My kiddies have gone to their sisters for the night, so I will be wrapping, and assembling this evening. We bought a trampoline, which comes in a box which states "easy to assemble". Well, we'll see. That will probably warrent a post of its own. I just don't see it being easy.

I would like to wish those of you who visit here, and my cyber friends, with who I have communicated a little more, a very happy and peaceful Christmas. I will only be posting occasionally over the next month or so. Take care of yourselves and your families, and we'll catch up in the new year.


Maureen said...

I've also just completed "The Bake"!
I think, like you,I've covered everyone's preferences,so until I put the Christmas Eve dinner in the oven tomorrow,I think I can just manage to finish those other two "Swingles".
Enjoy your Christmas,and your time at the it near river or beach??

momwith3kids said...

Those all look soo tasty.

What is the white ones in the front?

Jo in NZ said...

They are my great aunts secret recipe... but I'll give it up if you really want it. We call them 'Bumble bees'. They are rice bubbles (breakfast cereal-puffed wheat you might call it) held together with dates, walnuts, butter golden syrup, and pretty much anything else you wanna put in them. They are REALLY good, and the kids eat them too if you don't tell them there's dates in them!!
Happy new year.

Jo in NZ said...

Forgot to say, they are rolled coconut, that's why they are white!!