Venturing into the world of Blogging

Well, a blog of my very own.
If you've found yourself here after visiting CQ Crazy, then you already know my crafting passion, however, I thought I'd like to have somewhere for me to add my thoughts and (mundane) musings about anything that happens to take my fancy.

You will see pictures of my work.
Hear about my kids - good and bad
I will promote my other passion in life "Playcentre"
...long story short...Preschool education provided by the parents/caregivers of the children who attend. Unique to New Zealand. My kids and I love it.
I like food, so you'll probably see a bit of that.

Be warned, at a certain time of the month, I lose the plot a little...OK, a you'll probably get a little bit of freaky s#*t too.

Enjoy, or not! Doesn't really bother me either way. As my title says " no matter where I go, I always meet myself there". I only have to be true to myself. I do, however hope you enjoy, learn or just get a laugh.

Ka kite ano ( bye for now)

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