the last Child....(most definately!!)

...and this is my youngest child. He is 16 mnths. I know, he looks like an angel , but I assure, he IS NOT.
He can walk - he just won't.
He can sleep - he just won't. I just did a rough calculation, and out of his 480 (approx) days of life, he has slept through the night - that 12am to 7am- about 10 times. All other nights are generally 2-3 wake ups a night.
Despite his refusal to walk, I have a master climber (another) on my hands. I've found him trying to get out bedroom windows, on the kitchen bench! and he has taken to pushing a kitchen chair all around the house with him, which he uses as an aide to climb on to something else.
Somethings gotta give sooner or later......
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