2009 Xmas Ornies - part I

Every year I make a hand made ornament for my family members. This year I am getting organised early, as I am usually still working on these come Christmas Eve. I am determined not to do that again (but I am sure I will be...it's the thought that counts, surely..)

So here is what I am doing this year. Snowflakes.

First I decided on a shape, and cut a sturdy template. I am doing these on black felt. I cut out a whole heap of templates on tracing (baking) paper, and drew my designs on to that, then pinned that to my felt. I stitch directly through the paper , on to the felt.

Once I have finished my stitching , I gently pull the paper away. You do need to be reasonably gentle, but i don't get to much pulling that can't be tightened, and in the next step (future post)  a fusible medium will hold it in place.

Here are the 3 I have stitched so far. After pulling the paper off, I added beads and sequins for shine. Very subtle, but just enough for a wee bit of zazz.
And here is the inspiration for these...a gift bag

The back of the ornies will have the recipients name and the year embroidered on them, and a hanging loop will be added when both sides are fused together. Stayed tuned for part two, hopefully before xmas eve!!
I can also see other great ornies coming from this bag. Those baubles are just screaming to be stitched.


Tatkis said...

What a wonderful idea! I'm sure, that your presents would be best :)

Best wishes from Russia

qwerty said...

Very, very beautiful! You're right that those other shapes on the gift bag would also look gorgeous!! Your creativity is hugely inspiring. Thanks for sharing the photos, these are wonderful :)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Well phooey. I had made up my mind that this year I wasn't going to make ornaments and now that I've seen these, I might start to regret my decision!

Celine said...

Lovely idea and lovely ornies. Thanks for sharing

Marty52 said...

I love these, Jo! Snowflakes are my favorite Christmas/Holiday/Winter theme. I hope to make some of these soon, too!

FredaB said...

Hi Jo

Great idea. Have to start looking at bags at the dollar store or Big Lots which is a "never know what you will find today - gone tomorrow so better buy" store.

I do a lot of embroidery through tissue paper and find it easier then trying to trace things on the fabric.

Stay Healthy



Karen said...

I am glad to find this post Jo, terrific idea!! I so love Craft Gossip!

stringplay said...

Very clever and beautiful.

Lorenza said...

They are beautiful, do you know that yesterday I saw the same bag in a shop? I stopped to look at it thinking i's that of Jo's ornaments! the world is so small

Pamela Kellogg said...

Oooh Jo, those are tempting! Very beautiful and creative. I use tissue paper and stitch through that. I may try parchment paper next time.

Beautiful as always Jo!